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cultural workspace

Your office in your style managed by OneCulture and compliant with global health and wellness standards.

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Your independent office

Headquarter (HQ) by OneCulture

Your choice of property

For us, your preference of location is important, and we help you select from our existing portfolio or facilitate you with a brand new property to suit your requirement.

Your style of design

We collaborate with your team and design your office the way you want. Our build to suit option helps you reimagine your new office to the greatest expanse.

To suit your business standards

We have expert designers to convert your imagination into actual designs. We achieve your requirements compliant with global standards of health and safety.

Managed and operated by us 🙂

You focus on your core business and we take care of all your office administrative & cultural needs as our core business is to take care of you.


Your office in a better way

Inch by inch your standards.
Your office; your reception

From your independent office entry and reception area to your own security and community team.


No upfront investment on interior fit-out and furnishings. We invest today and charge rentals to you; Simple!

Save time & money

Designate your teams only towards your core business and eliminate the time of office infrastructure management.


Your focus on your core business

Upto 40% savings on office cost

Zero CAPEX investment

Fit-out capital investment is equal to 5 years of your rental. Save and invest that money in your business.

Effective space utilisation

We are expert in what we do as you are what you do. And we can save your cost by utilising the space wisely.

Zero brokerage fees

You don't need to pay any brokerage or consulting fees. Everything is just a rental and smaall part of your OPEX.

ISO 14000 family certification*

There are more than 300,000 certifications to ISO 14001 in 171 countries around the world. We can make you compliant.


Opt what you need

Amenities for Cultural HQ's

High Speed Wifi
High Speed Wifi
24/7 access
24/7 Access
Yoga Rooms
Yoga Rooms
Health Snacks
Health Snacks
Mobile Access
Mobile Access
Phone Booths
Phone Booths
Massage Chairs
Massage Chairs
Air Purifier
Air Purifier
Visitor Management
Tea and Coffee
Tea & Coffee
Floor Plans
Floor Plans
Comfortable workstations
Photocopy and Printing
Photocopy &
Cafe, Lounge and Games
Cafe, Lounge
& Games
Organic Drinks
Organic Drinks

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