Cinematic Experience

The life of an entrepreneur or a business owner for that matter, is full of highs and lows. Sometimes the situation is completely out of our control. It’s easy to stay motivated when the results are coming in, but for those long slumps in business when nothing seems to be working and things just seem to be getting tougher, these movies are guaranteed to pump you up and get you back on your feet.

  1. The Pursuit of Happyness
    “Pursuing happiness is a choice”. Released in 2006, this movie has become one of the most iconic releases of the 21st century. It follows the life of Chris Gardner and depicts his struggle with unemployment and homelessness. Highly inspirational, this movie shows that while things seem to be going from bad to worse, it is important to remember that this might be when your life turns around for the better. You just have to keep moving forward, persistently and patiently. This movie also shows how to pick yourself up when you hit rock bottom. Instead of flailing helplessly, aim high. Consider this as an opportunity to take bigger risks, there is nothing left to lose anymore and nowhere left to go but up from here.
  2. Flash of Genius
    Coined after the patent law terminology, this movie follows the legal battle between Robert William Kearns and the automobile giant Ford Motor Company. If your idea is good and you know its worth, fight for it regardless of how strong the opponent is or how long drawn the battle is.
  3. Thank You for Smoking
    To become an entrepreneur, the first step is to conceptualize an idea. The next is to sell it. And the idea is only as good as it sells. Thank you for smoking transforms selling into an artform. It follows the protagonist Nick Naylor as he defends the cigarette industry at a time when the anti-tobacco movement was gaining momentum. Persuasiveness and cold hard facts, these are the two driving forces of making a good sale.
  4. Fyre: The greatest party that never happened
    A Netflix documentary that dives into the failure of Fyre, a music festival that was to be held in 2017. The promotion of the event was done extensively on social media using influencers like Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid. The pre-launch buzz was so successful that the event was sold out almost as soon as it was announced. The execution, however, was just as bad. It depicts the importance of delivering on your promises and offering strong customer support. A key takeaway from this documentary is that the proposition works only if the delivery is good.
  5. The Wolf of Wall Street
    Another true story out there, The Wolf of Wall Street shows the rise and fall of Jordan Belfort. Shortcuts and loopholes can only take you this far. It highlights the need for business ethics and the importance of knowing the right way to the top in order to stay there.

It is easy to forget taking time out during the hustle and bustle of starting out. Take a break and binge on any of these flicks to power yourself up for the fight ahead. Don’t lose faith or your energy and always believe that you will make it.