baby steps to your business goal

Do you remember those times when all we wanted was to jump forward in time and become an adult? Well here we are. Little do we realize that adulting would be far better if we bring back in ourselves a few of the qualities we had growing up. This children’s day let’s learn from our childhood and bring it back into our daily lives, one quality at a time.

Children hardly fear anything. They simply don’t know what to be afraid of. When was the last time you did something without worrying about the outcome? Facing consequences of one’s actions aside, we have reached a point where we give up even before we start, simply because we have already decided the result. And we fear it. We barely acknowledge that life can go our way as well. Its time to stop being so afraid. Take the leap. Make that change.

Get excited at little things. Be more positive about life by being enthusiastic about everything it throws at you. Look forward to the day every morning. We used to be like that. Now we just wake up tired and apprehensive and it sets a tone. This tone will make it extremely tough to achieve anything as it stops you from putting your 100%.

Growing up, we didn’t try to hide it when we didn’t know something.

Questioning was second nature. Somewhere along the way we just decided to pretend to know it all instead. Why? If you don’t know something, or aren’t sure of what you know, ask around. Its something new to learn if nothing else. Which brings us to another thing we should lesson from our childhood.

Willingness to learn. We started out knowing absolutely nothing. Everything in our minds today, we learnt along the way. But over time, we also became more set in our ways. Refusing to accept that there might be a better way to do something for instance, just hinders us at the end of the day. A classic example of this is turning down new technology. In fact, studies have shown that like any muscle, the brain also needs to be constantly exercised to prevent atrophy in other words, age related degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. Shedding your ego to ask more and be more open to new information can be the key to sustaining mental health.

Trust your gut. Your instincts. They hardly ever go wrong. You feel that something is right? Go for it. You think something is not? Speak up. When we were children, the craziest ideas seemed possible. They still are. If you want it to be. Go ahead plan to manifest those crazy ideas. It might just be worth it. Who knows? one of those ideas might just be your ticket to the top.

Nap when you need it. This is a personal favorite. A lot of problems in our lives can be solved with just a simple nap. Sounds silly. But its true. Like switching a computer on and off when it crashes, a nap functions like a restart button for our brains. It can help you see things differently and hence come up with alternate approaches to the situation. Don’t skip sleep because you feel something else is more important. It will just end up making matters worse in the long run. It’s a long road ahead and these changes won’t come overnight. But baby steps. Believe that it will work, and it shall. This children’s day make a resolution to approach life with renewed vigor and positivity. The results will astound you.