If your office is awash with the white and greys, then it’s time for a makeover. Certainly, right hues can beat all the blues at a workplace. One of the most trusted ways to boost productivity is to improve mental activity by painting the workspace in bright and strong colors.

A bold color palette will keep your employees focused, motivated and open for communication. Nothing is boring than the blank white walls and symmetric white lights watching over the bland grey workstations. Instead, inspire your workers by making a vibrant office space. Colors have the power to influence us physically, intellectually and emotionally, some make us happy, motivated and confident while some make us feel gloomy and lowkey.

Even giants like Google and Microsoft are keen on keeping their office interiors vibrant to ensure employees feel comfortable and relaxed while working. Here in this blog, we will guide you on how to avoid bumming out your employees by using colors and their fusion to kickstart motivation and efficiency.

How a Color Can Impact Your Efficiency?

World-renowned color psychologist Angela Wright has come up with a groundbreaking theory of “color affects system” which comprehensively talks about how color can affect human behavior.

Interestingly, Angela mentioned that it’s not the color that influences the behavior, it’s the intensity of the shade that affects how one reciprocates to it. A strong, bold color will always stimulate and shade with low saturation will have easing effects. The following quick color guide will help know, what shade to pick for a highly motivated workforce.

Blue is the Most Cherished!

Blue is one of the most loved and celebrated color. It helps in stimulating the mind and increasing productivity. Angela recommends that sprucing up the office interiors with blue can significantly improve efficiency.

Yellow- This is for the Creative Fellows!

Do you love creativity? Or love thinking left of the center? If yes, then yellow is your color. Yellow stimulates spirits and ego and makes one more creative. It’s very truly said that “it takes guts to be creative and create something out of the box’.

Red – The Energy Booster!

There’s a reason why sports car is usually red. Red is the shade that invokes energy, speed and force. It stimulates physical strength and is an ideal hue to get things going at a workspace.

Orange Summons to Good Value!

Orange exhibits emotional strength and good value. This shade helps one to bounce back from disappointments and promotes a positive outlook on life. Thus, radiates warmth and happiness at a workplace.

Green Sparks Concentration!

Green encourages broader thinking and creative thought process. This color also ensures a strong sense of balance.

Now for starters, determine which color you want your surroundings to be, primarily narrow down your ideas and pick a specific hue and paint your space to experience how color do wonders to boost your workforce in the right direction.