The façade of commercial real estate has revolutionized, cubicle workstations are now becoming a thing of the past. In the recent times, creative shared workspaces have garnered massive attention for its innovation and largely due to technological advancements, with amenities that keep employees rejuvenated and motivated to achieve their business goals, effectively and efficiently.

From hip interiors, cafeterias, to breakout zones, coworking spaces is transforming the definition of traditional working style with a dash of new-age techniques. Coworking embarks a special milestone of evolution on 9th of August. It’s celebrated as the International Coworking Day, which means day to collaborate, create and celebrate the new-fangled trend. 

Now If this got you thinking, what is coworking day? What is history? Or who started this? Here’s what we got for you; we dug a little deeper into the coworking history. This is what we found out!

It all started with a mere blog.

Software engineer, Brad Neuberg first kicked off an idea of a Coworking Day, when he blogged about it in 2005. Yes, you read it right! He blogged about his idea and invited all the free spirits and creators to come together and work as a community. 

Brad envisioned to have a place where people can sit on the tables or relax on couches while working. He hoped to create an environment that combined independence with the organizational structure and community of a workspace.

Even today, the essence of his idea is remarkably there.

The First Coworking Space

The very first coworking space was incepted in San Francisco. Wherein they first started to work with the like-minded people and formed a community to inventers. After an overwhelming response to the concept, Neuberg decided to move to a bigger space, a Hat factory which was the world’s first full-time coworking space.

The New Coworking Arena

2005 was a busy year in the history of coworking and gave birth to numerous independent coworking spaces across the globe. Fast forward to 2019, coworking is a full-blown industry that has reinvented the ways to work, play and grow with its strategically located facilities. 

Empowering private enterprises with global accessibility, it leverages businesses with enhanced productivity. From turnkey to tailored shared workspaces, it offers an opportunity to work with the best minds in the industry.

As the statistics suggest, the coworking industry is here to stay and boom:

Coworking has tapped approximately over 521 million square feet of workspace area, till now.

Up till 2022, coworking spaces are expected to grow at an annual rate of 13% across the globe.

The global market evaluation of the industry is estimated at approximately $26 billion.

The humongous and promising statistics are all set to reboot the work culture and upscale productivity with the facility of world-class amenities. And, a community that fosters a culture that attracts creative professionals and emerging enterprises.