With the start-up culture increasing at an exponential rate, co-working spaces have seen a huge explosion of popularity in recent times. These shared workspaces offer an ecosystem to work with like-minded, close-knit and success-focused professionals who are enthusiastically working towards their goals. This innovation in the workstyle is drawing freelancers and entrepreneurs away from home offices and cafes to the secured set-up of co-working spaces.

While the conventional offices tend to swamp us with monotony and workload, its co-working space that lets you embrace your creativity and innovation. Ultimately, a shared workspace acts more than just an office offering an interactive community, secured environment and a lively atmosphere.

The camaraderie and efficiency-enhancing excitement are the advantages of working alone. Certainly, it is difficult to maintain an environment which is lively and serious about office security. Coworking spaces have more complex security requirements than any other office, as there is a large number of walk-ins in the day. However, the collaborative working style practices more strict security measures to make members feel secure without compromising on the welcoming vibe of the place.

Here are the following aspects of coworking that help in ensuring security

Front Desk to Mind Branding and Security

People sitting at the front desk plays a vital role in making a good impression. After all, vibrant signage is just isn’t enough to feel welcoming when the people greeting visitors are dull and rude.

Coworking spaces have people who understand the power of the brand and represents it well. However, another significant dimension of responsibility is handling the security and safety of the visitor. Front desk representatives of any shared workspace manage thorough visitor experience and check-in process to ensure absolute security of the premises and the members.

Digital Check-in

Technology these days is making everything effortless and coworking spaces are utilizing the right amount of artificial intelligence in everything. Digital check-ins ensure absolute physical security as the visitors state their credentials supported with a valid photo id. Using electronic identity verification (eIDV) they can assure the security of the premises and members.

Stringent Access Path

Stringent access to the facility is another important aspect which every coworking is practicing. Highly automated access makes sure that entrant is scrutinized before entering the premises. Access path will help in limiting the access of visitors accidentally wandering into the facility and making the members uncomfortable.

Network Security

Apart from the physical security of the space, Network security is another cornerstone. Technology-driven coworking spaces are certainly immune from data breaches and hacking. Digital precautions like a secured network using a firewall to safeguard all the data that passes through the router is encrypted. Also, tamperproof hardware promises secure and firmware updates. The dedicated solution developer always watch guard the software developments to protect network security and counter any suspicious activity.