Breakout Zone

You cannot confine yourself in a corner glued to your laptop and your cup of coffee at a coworking space. Being loner at a shared office space is like going to your favourite restaurant on a diet. The digitalized fold in the contemporary work culture has brought in opportunities to foster social interaction and bring a sense of community to enhance productivity. 

You might think that a shared workspace is just about high-speed Wi-Fi, good coffee and a great ambience to work at. Sure, those are some of the elements that comprise a coworking space, but there’s a lot more to the picture than just that! With all the buzz about coworking spaces, we decided to offer you a primer. 

When you venture into any shared space, you’ll immediately sense a difference from a traditional office setup. The electric vibe, the smell of freshly brewed coffee, artistic interiors, soothing music at the background and more than anything else – an excited and energetic workforce. You’ll notice a diversified mix of people, some deeply engrossed in work and others unwinding with some engaging conversation on a large shared table. All in all, the vibe of a coworking is vibrant and positive.

Coworking spaces are not just shared workspaces but a community in itself. And, the place is ideal for those who are looking to escape the isolation of work from home and coffee shop. If loneliness has crept in your work life, then it’s the time to swap your work culture with some office banter and new ideas for innovation and enhance efficiency. 

If you too yearn and looking for ideas on how to make most of a coworking space, then here’s your guide to battle solitude at work:

Break The Ice.

People at a coworking space are usually from different walks of life. For starters, initiate small talk and introduce yourself to your coworker. Communicate and break the ice of awkwardness! This is such a simple social rule, but most of us forget. Spend time with your coworkers to ditch isolation. 

Conversation Over Coffee, Won’t Harm!

There’s nothing wrong in going on coffee breaks with your new colleagues. This will offer you a chance to know your peers. It’s a great way to cultivate a bond at a workplace and that will also help you in exchange ideas and thoughts for better work performance.

Be Active Than Passive.

The next time you get an email from your community team about an event happening at your facility. Don’t shy away from participating. Actively participating in events would offer you an opportunity to communicate with people, more effectively. Collaborative events are the best way to build healthy relations with like-minded people.

Unwind at the Breakout Zone.

Loneliness is an epidemic that comes along with major health ailments. Studies claim that isolation reduces life span. So, it is very important to loosen up and unwind yourself into some team building activities. Just pick a game and call out your peers to kickstart some fun at your amazing workspace.

If this strikes a chord with you, well then what are you waiting for? Start afresh and reap the benefits of working in a collaborative workspace.