Dont be Multitasker

Don’t be a multi-tasking ninja! Slash out that thing off your resume. According to the latest studies by the cognitive experts, transitioning back to mastering a single task is better and more efficient technique of working.

Do you often experience your day spiraling out of control? Instead of kickstarting the day with a full-proof plan to get most of the tasks done, we get distracted quickly, focus on least- important responsibilities and simply procrastinate. Regaining control of your workday isn’t that tough as it may sound. Just planning your day with the right approach can make things fall in place in no time.

Multitasking welcomes inefficiency and leads to distraction. Thus, poor productivity and quality of work. A classic study suggests replying emails while working can also hamper concentration and productivity levels at work.

Indeed, this is not something you’re acquainted with. We all multitask and feel at top of our game. However, we’re just messing things up. The interruptions as short-term as three or four seconds are enough to double the number of mistakes one makes in an assigned daily task.

Also, another research by an American association shows that switching between tasks can drop the productivity by 40%. In other words, no matter how capable you’re, and juggle with different activities at once like a pro, humans are designed to perform one thing at a time. Most importantly, multitasking condenses the chances of productivity and accuracy in the task.

Like most of us are addicted to having coffee first thing in the morning, a major chunk of working population is also addicted to multitasking.

Here’s Why?

Whenever you multitask successfully, you instinctively stimulate the reward in your brain that releases the happy hormone, dopamine. This makes one addicted to the feeling of accomplishment of being effective, and the habit is further practiced. 

Multitasking can make you extremely optimistic about success and overconfidence comes as a byproduct of it. Thus, you make mistakes and your success graph drops. Moreover, switching between tasks can practically choke your brain and might lead to short-term memory loss, too.

We have outlined a one-size-fits-all list of reasons why monotasking can help you outshine at your workspace.

1. Combine and Do it in Chunks. It is always better to combine related tasks and act upon them in batches. If you’re writing anything, you can easily pause and read additional information about the subject you’re writing about.

2. Switch yourself off from any messages or email notifications while working. This practice will help you concentrate on work without any distraction.

3. Check your emails at specific time. Draft out a break between tasks where you can check your work updates. Don’t just rush off to reply to the notification unless they’re important.

4. AVOID, please! Do not open multiple browsers or tabs while working. Try minimalism.

5. If possible, change your workstation or switch positions, it will help you think innovatively, every time. Try working in a coworking space, a creative community to strike your right working chords.

6. Take breaks, occasionally. A frequent break pattern will distract you from your task.

You really don’t have to rush things, take baby steps. These tips can help you monotask, better.

With all the evidence, it’s high time for all of us to embrace monotasking or popularly known “single tasking”. This will surely help you with mindfulness that cultivates awareness and focus. If it sounds too daunting to you, do not sweat your pretty face. Take small steps to retrain your brain and reclaim your focus.

Always remember, One at a time!