Do you ever find yourself so overwhelmed at work that the simplest issue seems unsolvable? Weary eyes, a heavy head and feeling incapable of thinking right, these are a few signs that your mind needs a break. A breather and a fresh way to address your work. Overworking your mind not only reduces productivity but can also lead to mental and physical burnout.  

Taking a break every now and then is, therefore, one of the key (often overlooked) ingredients to a productive and successful workday. 

Taking a simple walk even if it is just around the office can be an effective way to refresh your mind. After sitting stationary for prolonged periods of time, moving your body can activate your mitochondria (energy generating part of our cells), it also stimulates the blood flow to your brain in turn helping you regain focus. You can use the break-out zone at all OneCulture facilities to pump up your day with a game of table tennis, pool or use the gaming station as well if that’s more to your liking.

When a plant is lifeless and withered, a splash of water can revitalize them and make them almost unrecognizable. A glass of water functions the same way for the human body and brain. Medical authorities recommend drinking approximately 2 litres of water in a day, which we often skip. Keep an eye on the intake of water in a day, have a glass every time you feel unfocused or hazy. Add a dash of mint or a slice of fruit to your water diet to spice things up, or simply walk up to our health café and enjoy a refreshing glass of fruit coolers. 

Breathe. Work can be stressful. Even more so if the results are slow. Deadlines, targets and unwanted results can lead to panic attacks or chronic anxiety. Taking a few long deep breaths can lower the heart rate calm, your mind and re-energize your system. We ensure that the quality of air our members breathe in is healthy and pollution-free with the help of air purifiers and indoor plants at all OneCulture facilities.

Refuel yourself. Hunger pangs are the biggest enemy of a productive mind. Research shows that an active brain can be behind approximately 20% of the body’s energy use. Stop treating hunger as an interruption instead make time for a quick recharge with a wide range of healthy treats available at the OneCulture café.

“You don’t snooze, you lose” this is the new age mantra. Losing sleep over work can be counterproductive. A quick power nap (approximately 20 minutes) has been proven to improve alertness and performance. It promotes brain cell repair and rejuvenation, boosting productivity. For a quick catnap during those long tiring working days or for those sudden all-nighters just make use of our napping pods.

With increasing stress at the workplace, taking breaks to take care of one’s own mental and physical wellbeing has become increasingly relevant. But with time, work has become just that much more demanding. To make it easier for our members to focus on getting results, OneCulture takes care that they have a healthy, holistic and ambient place to work.