Health, Happiness & Productivity!

How do you feel about a workspace adorned with exotic succulents and plants? Lively, isn’t it! An aesthetic space is a powerful tool to nurture innovation and drive productivity. According to the science of space, adding interior plants can transform any work environment into a holistic experience.

Humans have an innate yearn to be associated with nature, which is called biophilia. And, adding a dash of greenery in your office will definitely boost productivity and memory of your employees. Gone are the days of dull grey walls and cubicles, it’s time to step up your interior game and add some greenery to your daily grind.

Office interior plants significantly benefit the overall well-being of your employees. The recent research by Environmental Protection Agency, states that most of us spend 90% of our time indoor, and by incorporating plants in the ambience will filter out toxins and improve the quality of air. Thus, better breathing and a stress-free environment to work in.

There is a plethora of positives of having greenery in your workspace. Here are the top reasons why you should invest in some plants.

Indoor Plants Reduces Stress

Biophilic design stimulates the feeling of tranquility and reduces stress, tension, anxiety, anger, depression and fatigue. Plants evoke calmness and harmony in the environment. Colour therapists claims that most shades of green promote the feeling of well-being and relaxation. This is why, most of the performance theatres have “green rooms” where an artist can relax before the show. Likewise, relaxed employees are more focused and motivated to be productive at work.

Indoor Plants Reduces Noise

Surprisingly, plants can change the office acoustics by reducing the sound reverberates in a room. The noise levels can be reduced up to five decibels. Plants absorbs noises of the background chatter hence leading to lesser distractions and more focus.

Indoor Plants Purifies the Air

We all know that offices with predominantly sealed air, contains ten times more pollutants than the outside. Common toxics such as mold, dust, carbon monoxide and chemicals. Indoor plants turn the carbon dioxide into oxygen, improves the air quality and eradicates harmful pollutants from the ambience. Plants also maintains the optimal level of humidity in the atmosphere and reduces the symptoms of “sick building syndrome”.

Indoor Plants Improves Creativity

Have you heard of attention restoration theory? If you nod your head and say no then this for you! Basically, it says that even looking at the images of nature can possibly shift your mind into a different processing mode, making one feel relaxed and creative. This in return, encourages creative ideas and efficiency. Greenery at work promotes cognitive thinking, accuracy and, memory. Thus, productivity.

Indoor Plants Improves Office Aesthetics

Plants do not only bring all the shades of the green from the colourpalette to the workspace, they also offer visually meditative experience that leads to happier and healthier workforce. Healthy plants set an impression of a nurturing organization that is proficient at making things thrive.

Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, finding serenity and work-life balance at work is gaining traction across the globe. OneCulture brings forth vibrant and green coworking spaces to make you breathe fresh and think creative. Our spaces are just the right antidote to the cookie-cutter office interior. So, do yourself a favour by moving into an inspiring space adorned with exotic plants. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll experience a creative, productive and motivated workforce to get things done.