Cancer Awareness Day

Wellness is an integral part of OneCulture. Today with the hustle and bustle of the day to day life, health often takes a back seat. We have set out to change that. 

It’s Cancer awareness day today. Initially considered a genetic disorder, today it has become largely lifestyle dependent. In order to do our bit, here are some tips from Dr Swati Bathwal a leading dietician and diabetes educator which we have tried to incorporate in our facilities.  

  1. “Cancer cells can only run on sugar. You cut off their food source, they die.” This theory has proven to be, often, very effective in many tough cases and has become a favoured research topic. Swap your processed sugar to natural fruit sugars at our complimentary fruit station.
  2. Tomato a day can keep cancer at bay- Lycopene is the red colour present in fruits, darker the colour higher lycopene content. It is a polyphenol or a plant compound which puts you at a lower risk of prostate, ovarian, lung and stomach cancer.
  3. You are what you eat. Thus, you should always focus on eating healthy and nutritious meals. Reduce the amount of processed and packaged food in your diet. Include proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, probiotics and healthy nuts and seeds in your diet. Soon you can enjoy freshly prepared organic meals at our health café curated specifically to improve the quality of your life.
  4. Live stress free. When we are stressed, our cortisol levels go chronically high while immunity goes low. In such cases we become a playground for mutated cells increasing the risk for cancer. Try our meditation rooms for a quiet minute away from work or our napping pods for a quick snooze.
  5. Exposure to polluted air- Gone are the days when you were at risk only if you smoked. Today just breathing polluted air can increase the chances of healthy cells mutating. We aim to make the workspace safe and healthy for our members. Air purifiers in every cabin ensures that our members have clean and safe air. So, take a deep breath, and relax.
  6. Fast- Once a week or intermittent fast, it’s a great way to repair your damaged tissues. Hence, preventing at risk of cancer.
  7. Exercise- When you exercise, you increase oxygen supply and it not only makes you decrease cortisol – stress hormones but also helps in the prevention of cancer. It also increases endorphins in the body boosting productivity and reduces stress. Our activity rooms with TT tables, Pool tables and even gaming stations aim at introducing exercise in your work life.

These small changes to our daily lifestyle can go a long way in improving our quality of life both physical and psychological. At OneCulture, we believe in providing a space for our members where they can unleash their creativity and boost productivity by integrating wellness into their very work life.