work from home

Work from home has evolved from an option to a necessity today. Originally introduced as a means to optimally utilize office space and the workforce, it has rapidly become one of the only effective ways to make sure that work carries on uninterrupted during these troubling times. Practicing caution and being patient is the need of the hour to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. With governments all around the globe issuing advisories warning against public gatherings and shutting down of public places such as malls, educational institutes, theatres and so on, organizations are making work from home mandatory to reduce the risk for their employees. They are also investing in implementing safety measures to screen and secure individuals entering the workspace.

Working from the comforts of your own home clearly has many pros, but if not careful, it can greatly reduce productivity owing to the number of distractions around us. The lack of supervision and close proximity of our beds makes it extremely tempting to loosen up and relax. If you follow these tips however, you can find your perfect recipe of comfort with productivity and find that working from home can work out very well for you!

Define your workspace
No your bed doesn’t count. Choose a quiet nook in your home. Even though you are at home, sitting at a table in the right posture can do the trick to improve your focus amongst the sea of distractions.

Arrive on time
Start your day on time. Supervised or not, being on time to your “office” can kickstart your day and keep you feeling structured throughout.

Do “To Do”s
Believe it or not, checklists are going to become your new best friend as you start working from home. Keeping track of the tasks you have to achieve in the day is the key to completing them without letting anything slip through the cracks.

Keep in touch
Stay in contact with your team. Technology has made it quite easy don’t you think. Maintain the connection. Organize a online team meetings at least once a day. Have informal sessions, brainstorming and strategy meetings to ensure that you can maintain healthy team dynamics even virtually.

Breaks are important
Working from home can become either one of two extremes quite easily and finding the balance can be quite tricky. While hour long breaks are unadvisable, take short periodic breaks. Move away from your desk and get back to work refreshed.

“you can run you can hide but you can’t escape deadlines”. For a change though you set deadlines for yourself. Become proactive. Design your deadlines in a way that your tasks are completed well ahead of time.

Clock out
If you start your workday on time, then you should also clock out accordingly. Remember to balance your work and life while the boundaries get blurrier with work from home. Adhere to your work times to be happier and more satisfied with your worklife.

This is a time to exercise caution and be vigilant. Reduce your risk to exposure not only for yourself but for the safety of all around you. Ofcourse though, the “work” must go on and remember, this too shall pass.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!