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How to deal with breakdowns at work
We are all human; and humans, no matter how much we try to control it, are ruled by our emotions at one time or the other. We spend quite a lot of energy and focus keeping our emotions in check and behaving in a certain way whilst interacting with other members of our society. This is how we have evolved and how we distinguish ourselves from the “wild”. However, when we face certain situations (maybe positive or negative) our emotions can go haywire and learning how to deal with these situations can help an individual greatly both in their personal and professional life.

Work can be one of those situations wherein loosing one’s cool is not out of the ordinary. Stress levels run high and the pressure keeps mounting and there is so much at stake that keeping one’s emotions though challenging is a necessity. Here are a few techniques which can help you make sure that your emotions never get the better of you.

A few deep breaths can significantly lower heart rate, blood pressure and regulate mood swings. When faced with a situation where you feel you can snap, count to ten and take a few deep long breaths. Not only will this calm you but also give to time to gather your thoughts and put things into perspective giving you a chance to handle the situation at hand with more tact.

Journaling is no new thing. Putting down your thoughts into words is a tried and tested way to analyze and deal with unresolved emotions. This holds true here as well. When you feel like you are at the brink of snapping, put your issues on paper, read them out and discard it. Reading it out can help you understand why you might be feeling what you feel, and you can come up with a logical solution to your issues easier.

Reach out:
It is important to remember that you might not be alone in facing tough situations at work. Your colleagues more often than not are sailing in the same boat. Reach out to them and come up with solutions together. Ensure that you can trust the person you are opening up to. Make sure to not isolate yourself in the office.

Source your happiness:
We all have that one thing that can instantly brighten up our moods. It can be a go to song or your favorite website and lets not forget our comfort snacks. Take short breaks to calm yourself and indulge in your favorite stress busting activity.

Make plans to look forward to:
There are times when we get stuck in a routine and we just function mechanically. Make long term vacation plans, so when you feel stressed, demotivated or just plain blue, you can look forward to something. When you feel your temper brimming, you can shift your focus and distract yourself by planning your itinerary or even your wardrobe!

Losing your cool is nothing new. We have all been there one time or the other. When it comes to working in a professional setting however it is imperative to maintain a certain decorum. Anytime you feel overwhelmed in a workspace, you can take charge of the situation by using any of the above techniques. Making them habitual can also help you channel your emotions in a more productive direction. It’s right there in the first page of the working right handbook “stay happy and work happy for the best results!”