The Greek god of Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is the new emerging entrepreneur on the board. 40-year-old is heading the pack with his pedigree, looks and talent and is going extreme to accomplish his intends. Hrithik trod his own path and has transformed the fitness industry, exceptionally.

Undoubtedly, the rising awareness about healthy lifestyle has caught the fancy of the actor and made him embark a foremost position in the fitness fraternity.

Hrithik’s brilliant business acumen has revolutionized today’s fitness scenario. And, here’s how he has garnered the leading position with his brilliant investments.

HRX For Fitness Fads

HRX is an athleisure brand launched by Hrithik Roshan that merchandise apparels and accessories. It’s one of its kind first celebrity-owned brand that is operating online. HRX is now all set to sprawl its wing beyond its home country, India and make a mark in Dubai. Currently, HRX estimates ₹300 crore turnover and expects a growth of 114% in the coming year. A testament to the fact that youth of the country is evolving and prioritizing fitness than ever before. The actor claims HRX is not just a brand, its community that believes in transformation. With the massive success of HRX, Hrithik took a plunge into investing in Cure.Fit, too.

A Fit Future

Roshan’s consistent brand appeal helped HRX to reap accolades and pushed him further to invest in Cure.Fit. Hrithik invested $878.2K in the Bengaluru-based fitness startup Cure.Fit from his entity, Extreme Brands. Established in 2016 by the former Flipkart founder-duo Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, Cure.Fit has revolutionized the façade of the fitness with its unique holistic approach that promotes the idea of fit mind, body and soul.

It began with a vision to make a healthy lifestyle effortlessly accessible to masses, Cure.Fit wisely accommodates physical fitness (Cult.Fit), mental fitness (Mind.Fit), healthy food (Eat.Fit), and primary care (Care.Fit), all on a mobile app.

So far, Cure.Fit has raised more than $45M of funding through numerous rounds from giants like IDG Ventures, Kalaari Capital, Accel Partners, UC-RNT Fund and to name a few.

Cure.Fit has over 40,000 members and acquired India’s premium gym chain, Fitness First and merged to operate as one entity. The combined venture has more than 50 fitness centres across the country and envisioned to add 5 every month. Also, they have acquired startups like a1000yoga, Seraniti, Tribe Fitness and Kristys Kitchen.

Hrithik is a Potential Catalyst in the Fitness Industry

Increasing awareness for health and fitness has incredibly backed sports and wellness industry, which is expected to reach $90 Bn by 2022 with a CAGR of 17%. Hrithik’s astute and impressive investments have not only helped him outshine but also transformed the fitness scenario by encouraging a healthy lifestyle and bringing exciting workout formats to the country.