influencer marketing

Its high time for social media marketers to get rid of the placebo, find an appropriate treatment to their digital illness and get a vaccination of hard truth. Social media influencer marketing is an epidemic more infectious than the culture prevailing on the screens of our smartphones.

It is hard to believe that only a few years ago when the “influencer” word was added in the marketer’s dictionary, and it is already so overused that elicits eye-rolls and pleads the question: Is influencer marketing good for brand building?

From an ad of a plush new uptown restaurant to a boomerang loop of dolled-up beauty blogger promoting a tube of lipstick, all these are part and parcel of polished marketing gimmicks to persuade a viewer or follower.

Influencers are the people with a humongous number of followers (fake or not) on social media, who boasts how great the brand and its services are and how much they love associating with the brand. However, as soon as time passes or they are associated with another brand, the review becomes tainted and unreliable.

Here are the top reasons why you are better off without an influencer act:

Fake and How?

Most of the influencers are not professionals of their domain they are reviewing, they are just a bunch of people with massive followership, probably the bought ones.

Highest Bid Works Well!

Highest the bid, the better. Influencers fall prey to the highest payers, so, today they may talk about how good the brand is and tomorrow, it’s going to be your competitor’s product.

Customer is Smart.

Today, the customer has wised up to distinguish between if the influencer is genuine with their review on social media platforms or not. Now, you cannot fool the user with attractive marketing techniques.

ROI = Only Engaging Content!

The only ROI influencer can draw is awareness of the product or by producing some engaging content around the brand and their services against the real purchases.

Utilize Your Marketing Budget in a Better Way!

Make the most of your marketing budget by putting the money paid to the influencer to better disposal for reaching the right and wider audience who are interested in your product line, with direct quantifiable outcomes.

Undoubtedly, social media is the game changer and plays a vital role in brand building. But it is sane to take a route to the micro-influencer by investing in the right social media marketer who can make an impact in your required demographic or niche. And, if you’re able to search one of the few reliable influencers then don’t’ forget to treat influencer like media to create a buzz about your brand.