Power Dressing

We have all faced the dilemma of deciding what to wear to work in the morning. Sometimes our outfit reflects mood while at other times we can transform our mood with the outfit we choose. Dress code for work is pretty tricky and difficult to crack but a little cue from the fashion bible might help our work wardrobe to stay on top of your game.

Today in this digital era, visual impression plays a key role in how you are received. As, you embark on your professional journey, its essential to make an impressive statement at work. Do not stress your pretty face, here we will be putting some much-needed light on how to power dress at work.

So, it’s time to take the “A” train to the tastemaker’s platform to get onto the right track of power dressing.

  1. Colour Play – Are you game?
    You don’t need to camouflage your personality to embrace a professional appearance. Experts believe results are particularly noteworthy in muted hues. Beige, caramel or any subdued tone will keep you on the right side of the dress code and will make you score highest in your annual (style) appraisal.
  2. Shoes Your Game Up!
    Shoes that bite isn’t right. Always pick shoes that are comfortable, polished and that accentuates your outfit. Embrace the right mix of trendy with practical to win over the days when you’re running out the door and straight into a meeting. And we all know that power walk is incomplete without a pair of power shoes.
  3. Right Fit is the Key.
    A-line, flare, boxy, straight, slim and too many more to count, we are all spoilt for choice today when it comes to choosing the right fit. But nothing like well-tailored neatly designed outfit that highlights your best features. You can never go wrong with your work wardrobe if you go classic with cuts and fit.
  4. Print Your Impression.
    Leave a lasting impression with the right choice of prints and patterns. Animal print, bold prints and colour combinations are best suited to casual affaires than a workplace. Opt for subtle prints such as geometric and colour palette that compliment your personality.
  5. Accessorize but Not Like a Boss!
    It’s okay to jazz up your outfit but it’s important to do it smartly. Keep it minimal and edgy by adding a little pop of colour. Avoid screaming scarves, belts or bling for work to stay on the right side.
  6. It’s Not all About the Clothes.
    Nothing impresses more than a well-groomed individual. And this holds true for both genders. For gentlemen, choose between a well-kept beard, moustache or a clean-shaven look avoid the evening stubble. For the ladies, neutral makeup looks, and neat hairdos can complete your look.

Power dressing has been an abstract concept till now. As the work environment gets more flexible, people find it easier to experiment with their looks. Power dressing is an art of reflecting your personality while staying up with the trend. Right and powerful attire will help you feel confident and bring out the best version of you at work; so, it’s time to unleash the artist in you!