Today in this hectic and chaotic work scenario, our daily pace is increasing exponentially. We do not have enough time to introspect and work productively. It’s the right time to stave off the stress spiral and start reconnecting with the goals.

Most of us sees our jobs as the number one stressor in our lives. We all are on our toes with the constantly connected and highly demanding work culture where stress and risk of burnout are its byproduct.

So, if you’re still confused how to develop resilience and stay motivated in the face of chronic stressful environment with increasing demands and workload? Here’s your guide to make your way through the dreads of stress and increase efficiency:

Practice Mindfulness

With the escalating stress, we should imbibe mental training practices for mindfulness. As the latest studies suggest, this practice is sure to improve analytical ability, problem solving and effectively enhances cognitive flexibility. It is essential to inoculate mindfulness into the daily regime to effectively improve overall job performance, well-being, dedication and work engagement.

Classify your Cognitive Load

We should start classifying our cognitive tasks to enhance the way we process the information. Be considerate about classification of different types of work activities such as emailing, strategizing, and other related business activities. Compartmentalizing work will be helpful to switch from one task to another without distractions.

Take a Break

Always pay attention to the top and bottom of your energy pyramid. As the recent research suggests that detaching from the daily activities for a brief period can effectively promote greater energy, focus, mental balance, imagination and ultimately increasing resilience throughout the course of your workday.

Grow Mental Agility

Yes, it is possible, without too much ado, it is practically beneficial to decenter the bad stress in the work landscape and help you concentrate on your productivity. Being mentally agile can effectively enable your core resilience skills and flexibility. Thus, increases high performance in a workplace.

Cultivate Concern

This is one of the most overlooked aspects in the workspace scenario. Developing compassion for both yourself and others. It successfully helps in augmenting optimistic emotions, work relationships and sense of teamwork. This practice increases the feeling of contentment and decreases stress at the workplace.

This ability to introspect will serve you well in an increasingly stressful work world.