It’s 2019, women are rewriting the rules of the game and playing it hard by creating strides, breaking records, building empires, and revolutionizing the world. The blazing truth is women entrepreneurs of today are chartering unknown lands unabashedly and fearlessly. From ecommerce, travel, fashion, fitness to anything and everything under the sun, they’re marching ahead with full gumption and enthusiasm to take over the world.

Today’s women are geared up to make a difference, with their opinions, intelligence and knowledge. They run successful ventures, produce employment and develop new sustainable ecosystems.

The very famous Latin phrase ‘Veni Vidi Vici’ was conceived for this power-platoon of pioneers. If you still haven’t backed women, now is the time. This Women’s equality day, we have exclusively charted out a list of few influential and well-established women of Delhi/NCR, who are bold entrepreneurs and highly recognized leaders from their respective industry.

Taru Chaddha – Founder, RedMat Pilates


Fitness is a way of life, and PILATES is the new workout fad that effectively helps improve flexibility, balance and core strength. This revolutionary regime is recognized globally as a way to strengthen the body and boost functional movement. Taru Chaddha is redefining the fitness industry with her own twists and stretches. Ms. Chaddha is the founder and driving force behind the popular fitness studio-RedMat Pilates. An Indian innovator in the arena of Pilates as a fitness form. Taru started RedMat in 2012 and since then she hadn’t looked back and is aiming at bringing premium-quality fitness and wellness to women across Delhi NCR. RedMat is technology-driven and supports women with healthier and wholesome life.

Suchita Salwan – Founder, LBB.in

Source : Forbes India

She is someone who has changed the local search landscape in the national capital, impeccably. Suchita Salwan has incredibly transformed a community into a solid recommendation business and becoming a De Facto choice for millennials across 9 cities. She started LBB (Little Black Book) in 2011. It all began with a Tumblr blog, spilling the beans about interesting places to visit in the city and later turning it into a go-to recommendation platform for millennials for which she is recognized with The Young Business Women Award and Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.

The curated webzine is an unofficial bible for everything in the town. Salwan has expanded LBB to different cities with the same aplomb and aims at growing the recommendation wheelhouse for its users.

Swati Bathwal – Dietitian & Diabetes Educator

Source : swatibathwal.com

It is truly said, eating healthy is way more complex than doing taxes. Swati Bathwal was always fascinated with the human body and the fuel that drives it. Thus, opted dietetics and nutrition as a full-time profession. Swati is an accredited practicing dietitian, qualified sports dietician, nutritionist, certified diabetes educator, an ascribed anthropometrist and a registered yoga practitioner.

She is one of the most celebrated dieticians in India. In the plethora of diet fads, her voice rings loud and clear, provide tailored nutrition education and sustainable lifestyle services. Swati motivates on a right fusion of traditional food wisdom and modern science for a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Swati is among a few handful of dieticians in the country, who is trained and accredited to provide body composition analysis. She has also mentored A-list cricketers, models, actors, management gurus and international expats to attain utmost physical fitness.

Angel Bedi – Founder, The Filmy Owl

Angel Bedi
Source : thefilmyowl.com

Nothing can put creativity and imagination better on paper without doodling. And, when we are talking doodles, how can we miss out – Angel Bedi.  Angel, a 22-year-old NIFT graduate has exclusively established her way to success through her incredible art, eventually launching The Filmy Owl, customized merchandise brand with her kitsch art on it. Bedi’s work is sure to make you awestruck and amazed with her artsy content. Her work depicts every aspect of quirk, wittiness and everything filmy. With “The Filmy Owl”, Angel has taken over Instagram with a storm of inspiration and artistic thoughts.

Neha Motwani – Founder, Fitternity.com

Source : sheroes.in

It was extremely odd that in a world where fitness is one of the hottest tamales, there was no real platform that could help people with the right information or services. Neha Motwani spotted the grey and founded Fittnernity in 2014 to make fitness accessible to everyone who wanted it. And, today Fitternity has over one lakh users and tie-ups with 25000 classes, gym centres and health eating outlets. It’s like a Zomato for Fitness. She envisions to build an ecosystem that makes fitness easy, accessible and affordable to all.

We are sure that if we start counting them, we will run out of space. These strong, independent, intelligent and determined women are successfully making a mark in their fields – from science to cricket pitch, today’s women know how to turn tables and walk over age-old stereotypes to pave their road to success.

So, now you know, who runs the world? – Women!