work from home

Working remotely can be challenging, while “managing” remotely is one level up. The present-day crisis has forced all of us to step out of our comfort zones and adapt. For employers this situation poses a completely different set of issues. From supervising to maintaining team morale, being limited to virtual interaction can be quite difficult. 

Here is the OneCulture guide to support and care for your team, and to help them navigate through these troubling times.

Get Ready for a Learning Curve
Working and coordinating remotely is something most of us are unfamiliar with. Be prepared for a learning curve. During this time, one would have to check in on their team members more routinely during the day. Have individual conversations to understand and aid their transition into working from home. Assign short term and long-term goals with a specific timeline.

Make the best of Technology
Software platforms such as basecamp, slack or even a simple whatsapp group can help you and your team remain on the same page. It can help the team keep a track of who is doing what currently while making it easy for everyone to keep in touch real time.

Set Working Hours
When one thinks of work from home, it is easy to overlook rigid working hours. However, as an employer, if these are specified wherein, it is expected of every team member to be available on call, email or any other communication platform, it helps give a semblance of structure. It also goes a long way in helping teams get accustomed to working from home faster and smoother.

Communication is key
This is by no means limited to topics of work and COVID-19. It is important, now more than ever, to maintain a healthy relationship with your team members, both on a professional and personal note. Have periodic team meetings (video conferencing on whatsapp will also do) where they can talk about how they are doing. In times of social distancing, we have to ensure that mentally we don’t feel isolated. Bonding with your team on such a level, will maintain morale and help you remain connected with your team.

These are difficult times. But like every tough phase, this too shall pass. Our actions today will determine what comes after the dust settles. Stay strong and brave, so you can lead your team to a healthier happier and safer tomorrow.