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Re-imagining workspaces

The new normal cultural workspace

Key focus on health and wellness

Our core focus has always been about bringing the right amenities to our members which are more focused on their health and wellness improvement measures.

Touch-less facility

A step much stronger than anyone would have thought of, we have planted the root of a complete touchless workspace and optimizing every inch of our space with it.

Compliant with global standards

We have innovatively standardized our cultural workspaces balanced as per the guidance issued by the government and the global health organizations.

More stronger cultural community

In these testing times, what has fascinated the most is our cultural community coming together extending the help and support to much-needed people.

Find your Perfect Fit

Bring your laptop and we'll provide the workspace, Wi-Fi, and a welcome change from the ordinary.
  • Dedicated Desks

    The ideal arena for you to realize your business vision. A personalized desk perfect for you to unleash your creativity and scale new heights.

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  • Flexible Desks

    If you need to keep moving to get those creative juices flowing, our flexible desk option is just right for you.

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  • Private Team Rooms

    Tailormade for the solopreneurs and boutique firms, a private workspace to meet every entrepreneurial need.

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  • Private Cabins

    Stay on top of your game and enjoy connecting with your team with this spacious office fitted with your own private alcove.

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  • Event Spaces

    Hosts your guests in style and dazzle them from the minute they arrive with beautifully curated décor to ensure an unforgettable experience.

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  • Weekend Membership

    Don’t let the standard define the way you work. If Weekends are more your working style, the weekender plan was made just for you.

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  • Office Suites

    Our Space, your office and your logo. Just pick your space and we will ensure that your brand stands out.

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  • CXO's Suites

    Designed to impress, a custom-made suite for all the ones on top. Strategize and realize your business vision while we take care of everything else.

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  • Custom Buildout

    If there is anything else you need, we will set up your workspace for you, from scratch, exactly like you envision. Your imagination and our creation.

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We are in a business of making people happy.

We are not just a company providing real estate. We are a thought process: GOODNESS IS GOD!


OneCulture is a melting pot for professionals and organizations from diverse backgrounds. They bring their experience, insights and values to the table and this is what makes our culture so rich.


We are not just a workspace. We are a community, and our people makes us who we are. Passionate, innovative and dynamic, their energy inspires everyone around everyday.


Our mission is to provide our members with a holistic and wellness imbibed work environment. So, while they are busy scaling new heights and defining new milestones, their mental and physical wellbeing is taken care of.


Ideas. Expressions. Innovation.
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