Refund & Cancellation Policy - OneCulture

OneCulture exclusively brings a new culture of coworking with first-of-its-kind people-centric shared workspaces. We encourage to pursue your passion in our creative and innovation-driven space.

With our premium coworking space, we aim to offer our members to optimize their productivity by becoming the part of the community of like-minded people to excel and explore new opportunities.

However, by signing up for OneCulture’s One Membership, or any other services and providing your payment details, you approve to pay us the recurring and nonrecurring charges associated with your contracted services. Also, all the fees must be paid in the local currency of your contracted location.

Refund & Cancellation Policy

You may cancel the One Membership at any time, just be sure to inform. Once ascertained, your security deposit will be refunded after 30 days of your tenure.

OneCulture is a membership-based coworking space. You may cancel at any time and you won’t be subjected to the future monthly fees. Though, we do not offer refund of the amount already processed.