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community of belief

OneCulture is a thought

We are in a business of making people happy. We do it by our creative and holistic ways.

OneCulture® is more than just a co-working space that focuses on wellness and bringing balance into the daily work life. We are a home grown socially conscious brand and we strive to give back to our society. Our solutions are innovative and designed to build a collaborative work community, inspire creativity and power your productivity. Flexible and customised, they are tailor-made to perfectly suit our member’s requirements.

The happiness index in ofces today has been steadily declining. We wanted to bring about change in this lifestyle by making it more holistic. In this endeavour we have not only come up with a one of a kind in house wellness retreat, but we also have engagement events that focuses on mental health as well as tie-ups with several healthcare and fitness providers to empower our members to take charge of their wellbeing so they can be their creative best.

vision & mission

Culture, People, Wellness

We are not just a company providing real estate. We are a thought process: goodness is god!

  • Our Mission

    is to build connected platforms for businesses wherein the shared economy gets benefited through a derived culture and essence of good health, hygiene, and environment.
  • Our Vision

    is to become a APAC leading brand in shared commercial spaces.

CULTURE OneCulture is a melting pot for professionals and organisations from diverse backgrounds. They bring their experience, insights and values to the table and this is what makes our culture so rich. The culture where people come together to do business in one same house sharing the resources, and ultimately benefiting the community goals.

PEOPLE We are not just a workspace. We are a community, and our people makes us who we are. Passionate, innovative and dynamic, their energy inspires everyone around everyday

WELLNESS Our mission is to provide our members with a holistic and wellness imbibed work environment. So, while they are busy scaling new heights and defining new milestones, their mental and physical wellbeing is taken care of.

the philosophy

Making people happy

We build conversations, we connect people, and we do it at no additional cost.

Along with every thing that we do, we principally follow two ideologies, social + moral. The important quotients of our life to attune our happiness level. Nothing in the world—indeed nothing even beyond the world—can possibly be conceived which could be called good without qualification except a good will. We believe in the philosophy that involves systematising, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong conducts of living a life which is driven through knowledge, consciousness, and wise acts.

SOCIAL We all are social beings, be it an organization or individual, we live in a world where we are obligated to act for the benefit of society at large. Our social responsibility is intergenerational as the actions of one generation have consequences on those following. Our aim is to ensure secure healthcare for the people and eliminate all barriers like distance, financial condition, etc


MORAL The sense of living a moral life has been an integral part of our society. It is a duty every individual performs so as to maintain a balance between the economy and the ecosystem. Our moral values have helped us define our character and personality such as integrity, determination, loyalty, truthfulness, honesty, giving respect to each other, etc. It helps us distinguish between what’s right and wrong, good or bad for you as well as society

=defines our version of Cultural Karma

While we all are running in this era of human race for becoming successful, our objective is to put efort in a cycle of life wherein your daily life doesn’t get efected, and you get motivated to simply take care of yourself, and we take care of our connected social & moral fulfillments of life, for the greater goods & for the right balance of this world.

the cycle of life

Cultural Karma - Our Science

Take care of yourself & we will take care of social & moral fulfillments of life through your workspace.

What if you live your regular life, and without any eforts, there is a social and moral change in your life, adding positivity to your emotional, moral, and social quotient? In our science, we call it our “Cultural Karma”.

brother makers

And The Founding Members

People focused humans, building business from zero to hero. Our business is to ensure people are happy.

Abhilash Shukla

Founder & CEO

Abhilash is a serial entrepreneur working at the intersection of technology and real estate for the past decade. Post his graduation, he was exposed to the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs and the deteriorating quality of work-life spurred him to establish OneCulture as he wanted to bring about change in the work-culture by providing a tranquil work environment that is nourishing for people well-being and adds up to their holistic life.

Ashish Shukla

Co-Founder & Mentor

An MBA turned entrepreneur, Ashish has channeled his skill set to establish OneCulture to revolutionise the traditional realestate approach. He believes that the co-working industry is going to show explosive growth in the coming times as the number of SMEs and solopreneurs is in boom. His vision is the backbone of OneCulture’s existence and his passion for change and growth spurs this work revolution forward.

ideology behind

Name, Logo, and Colour

One Culture is a brand of belief, which works on the principal of believing that together we can do it.


One community of connected people, believing in making people happy by just being happy and by loving their own self.


The culture of taking care of yourself in a belief that the community will together serve for the bigger goal of life. Helping the people who are in much of a need.

We futher added "HOPE" to our logo enabling us to fight Novel Coronavirus and helps us to bring the new norm of togetherness.
For us the HOPE is PINK

Let’s find our vision of colour = ORANGE

  1. Angle your face towards the part of the room where you see the maximum light coming from and remember the direction.
  2. Now face towards the place which is the darkest in the room and close your eyes from both of your hands.
  3. Move your head towards the direction from where the maximum light was coming from.
  4. While your hands on eyes, it would be “Black”. Take of your hands and it will turn “Brown”. Then slowly observe the “Brown” turning “Orange” keeping your eyes closed.

We just need to head ourself to right direction with right will. Wherein orange colour signifies motivation, that the brightness is there and we need to open our our eyes. We as a cultural community bring this motivational layer of life to people, for them to identify that the life is beautiful and everyone is connected.


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